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It's All About Me!

Ha! Mostly kidding but, this is the About section.

Hi, my name is Deborah Pym Harowitz and I'm a recovering multipod.*

First and formost, I'm a weaver. I've been weaving for more years than I care to admit and it's still my favorite thing to do.

But, that's not all I do...

I melt glass, in a kiln and with a torch. I mean if you get to play with fire, I'm in!

I also like to bang on metal. Mostly sterling, silver and copper. If you bang really loud and have very loud power tools you can annoy the neighbors. What's not to love 😉.

I make wovens to wear, wovens for the kitchen, even wovens for the occasional baby.

I make fused glass snowflake ornaments, sun catchers, and pendants. I like to be surrounded by pretty things.

I make jewelry because I like to wear pretty things.

I have fun. Because, well, fun!

But there is a dark side. I'm a bit of a perfectionist so you can be assured of good quality in everything I do. Even if I have to re-do it 753 times 🤯

I'm passionate about saving our oceans. Dad was a sea captain and I grew up on the Pacific coast. I understand intimately the connection between healthy oceans and the survival of our planet. As a result, a certain percentage of my entire revenue for each year is donated to Oceana. And while I've spent a good deal of my adulthood living all over the country, I'm currently in Michigan, but the siren song of the ocean is ever with me.

I have an alter ego who writes knitting patterns, weaving patterns and printables to aid makers. You can find me/her at A Scattered Creative

My wandering interests are supported wholeheartedly by the best hubby ever, my Jack. And the best daughter ever, Dr. Ashland EM Pym who is a writer and lives in Ireland.

*(Multipod, (n.): Someone who thrives on many interests, projects and passions, simultaneously, cyclically or one after another.